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JetScripts Ultimate Thug Game Script

 This is the one you want! 

Our Ultimate Thug Game script has it all- pimps, gangs, cops, hoes, gambling, guns, drugs, messaging, ranks, different cities, and much, much more! Your users will LOVE this script!

Powerful enough to run an entire site as a complete Pimp or Mafia style game, with all the features that a game like this should have (but which most of the others don't). And it's affordable- just $99 bucks! Other Thug Game scripts cost as much as $300 dollars and don't have half the features that ours does!

Don't take our word for it- play the game (logins below) and see for yourself!

The Ultimate Thug Game script includes a full Admin Control Panel where you can control every aspect of the game. NO manual editing of configuration files or messing about in the database. Super fast install script gets you up and running in under 1 minute! Engaging graphics and fast game play keep your users coming back day after day after day!

Cash Hoes Condoms Lowriders AK47s Crack Beer Thugs Weed
$72,384,692 23,118 73,941 46,219 88,473 44,212 29,775 75,316 32,408

Features and Demo

You can read about all of the features below, or just try the demo.
Demo data is reloaded every hour, and you can play as one of several available Thugs.

(Username: Crush, Password: demo)
(Username: Pimp Dawg, Password: demo)
(Username: McDeath, Password: demo)
(Username: Toxic Bob, Password: demo)
(Username: Slutty Sally, Password: demo)
(Username: Admin, Password: demo)

(When logging in as Admin, a link to the Admin Control Panel will appear on the right side of the screen.)

If you like, you can also have a look at De Bad-Ass Guide To Thuggin' On De Street.

Basic Features:

  • Go scouting for Thugs and Hoes!
  • Have your Thugs make crack for fun and profit!
  • Order your Thugs to rob citizens to make even more money!
  • Wage war against other thugs in your city and wipe 'em out!
  • Form gangs to wield even more power in your city or across multiple cities!
  • Collect gang dues to buy special "Gang Thugs" who can't be killed!
  • Run a Turf War against other thugs, kill their thugs, and steal their guns!
  • Perform Drive-By shootings against other thugs and let them know who's boss!
  • Steal hoes from other thugs and have them start working for you!
  • Jack another Thug's lowriders and drive away laughing!
  • Go gambling in the Pimptown Casino!
  • Build your Thug Empire until you RULE your city!
  • Move from city to city with your crew, making money and knocking out other thugs!
Thug War Login Screen Thug War Main User Screen

Game Controls:

  • Police Activity Meter - know when it's the best time to commit crimes!
  • Thug Happiness Meter - keep track of your Thugs performance and happiness!
  • Hoe Happiness Meter - keep your hoes happy so they bring in the most cash!
  • Individual Thug profiles to personalize your Thug!
  • Jail / Lockup for unlucky Thugs (Jail time is configurable)
  • Designate a Gang Co-Leader to help you run your Gang
  • Variable Police Activity, shown on the Police Activity meter

  • Detailed stats keep track of:
    • Cash made and lost
    • Thugs killed and lost
    • Hoes scouted and abandoned
    • Lowriders stolen and lost
    • Attacks made, both in and out
    • Thug Ranking and Networth
    • Available cash
    • Hoes on hand
    • Thugs on hand
    • Available Guns
    • Available Condoms
    • Available Crack
    • Available Beer
    • Available Weed
Additional Features and Controls:
  • Turns clock (turns and cycle time are configurable)
  • Jail Status display
  • Recent Thug Activity display - see who's doin' what!
  • Full attack logging and attack /defend display screens
  • Round "naming" (personalize each round!)
  • Thug Guide ("De Bad-Ass Guide To Thuggin' On De Street")
  • Full messaging system for both gangs and solo users!
  • Gamble in the Pimptown Casino with slots, craps, and High-Low!
  • Gang Ranks to show who's on top
  • Create and disband gangs, set dues, invite thugs to join, etc.
  • Black Market:
    • Buy or sell Weed and Beer (for your thugs)
    • Buy or sell Crack and Condoms (for your hoes)
    • Buy or sell AK47 guns
    • Buy or sell Thugs
    • Buy or sell Lowriders
Admin Controls:
  • Set the cost to buy and sell beer, weed, crack, thugs, etc
  • Set usage of beer, weed, crack, condoms, etc.
  • Set 'Thugs need guns' to fight on or off
  • Set the number of turns added per turn cycle
  • Set the time for each turn cycle
  • Set the max number of turns that a user can accumulate
  • Set recent thug activity display
  • Set rows per page in various screens
  • Set the number of "Top Gangs" to display on the front page
  • Set the number of thugs required before police can start busting them
  • Set the time that a thug will go to jail for
  • Archive previous rounds for display
  • Set whether or not previous rounds are shown
  • Set the cost of unkillable 'Gang Thugs'
  • Set the Game Name displayed in the header area
  • Set unused account activation time
  • Lock or Unlock Game (set online/offline status)
  • Reset game or start another Round
  • Manage Users (view, edit, ban, unban, & delete)
  • Manage Gangs (view, edit, & delete)
  • Lost password recovery page
  • NO cron jobs needed
  • ... and much, much more!
 Like we said, THIS is the one you want! 

Simple installation requirements:
  • PHP 4.1 or greater
  • mySQL 4.xx or greater
  • Works with PHP register_globals() on or off

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