De Bad-Ass Guide To Thuggin' On De Street

De Bad-Ass Guide To Thuggin' On De Street

Thug War! is a fast, fun, multi-player game where you take the role of a ruthless street pimp. Your job is to make money, pimp your hoes, and crush your competition. The more money you make the higher your Pimp Rank becomes, until you're the Number 1 Pimp.

Currently this game is set to give you 1500 turns per day. 12 turns are added every 10 minutes, and use can use them as they're added or once a day (all 1500 at once).

Getting Started

When you first start out in Thug War!, you're limited in what you can do at first- about all you can really do is scout for hoes. Scouting for hoes gives you more hoes, and the hoes in turn make you money. With the money you make you can buy all sorts of things that you'll need to build your pimp empire- thugs, guns, lowriders, beer, weed, and crack.

Care and Feeding of Your Hoes

Your hoes need to be kept supplied with two things: condoms and crack. They also get a cut of the money they make so they can buy stuff they want, like lipstick, sexy undewear, and shoes. (You can set the amount of the money they get through the "Payout" option in your Settings screen.)

You MUST keep your hoes happy by providing them with sufficient crack and condoms, otherwise they will abandon you. Check the "Hoe Happiness" display on your Pimp Home Page to see what their happiness level is- if it drops below 100% you'll start losing hoes each time you go scouting. You'll need about 10 crack rocks and 10 condoms for every hoe to keep them happy.

Keeping Your Thugs In Line

To build your pimp empire you also need thugs and guns. The more thugs and guns you have the more powerful you are, and the higher the chance that you'll win when you attack (or are attacked by) another pimp. Just like in real life, you can never have too many thugs and guns.

Like hoes, your thugs need to be kept happy or they won't do a good job. You keep your thugs satisfied by supplying them with beer and weed. To keep thugs happy you''ll need at least one joint and one beer per thug, any less than this and their Happiness Level will start to drop. Check the "Thug Happiness" display on your Pimp Home Page to see what their happiness level is and buy more beer and weed if it starts to drop below 100%. (You'll also want to have at least 1 gun for each thug, other wise they aren't much good in a fight.)

Attacking Pimps For Fun and Profit

Once you have enough thugs and guns, you can attack other pimps. You can't attack every pimp, however, only ones that are within your range. That is, they must have approximately one-half your net worth to one and one-half times your net worth. Go to the Pimp Ranks page to see which pimps you can attack.

Pimps that can be attacked are shown in a green row will and also have an "Attack" icon to the left of their name (the "Attack" icon is a yellow diamond symbol with an exclamation point). Note that you must also be in the same city in order to attack a pimp.

There are several kinds of attacks you can do:

  • Turf War
  • Drive-by Shooting
  • Jack Rides
  • Steal Hoes

Turf War:

In a Turf War all of your pimps load up with guns, find the other pimp's hangout, and open fire on them. Thugs are notoriously poor shots, so they'll blaze away like idiots shooting at anything and everything. Some of their shots will hit the other pimp's thugs, and some of those hits will result in kills. The other pimp's thugs will shoot back and the bodies will clog the streets. You'll need one AK47 per thug in order for the thugs to be able to actually do anything. If you send 500 thugs over with 10 AK47s, expect them all to be obliterated.

If the other pimp is in a gang, his "gang thugs" will step in and shoot back at you too. Attacking a strong gang is likely to result in your thugs taking a beating, but if you want to be safe you should go find a game where you play an accountant or a chef, okay? Note that "gang thugs" only come into play on defense, they aren't used by an attacker.

When you do a Turf War attack, your thugs will loot the bodies of the thugs they kill and take their money and some of their AK47s. This is good for you since you not only get more money but you also get free guns too.

Drive-by Shooting:

Similar to a Turf War, but waged with Low Riders. If you ain't got no low riders, you won't have much luck with this attack. In a Drive-by, your thugs load up into low riders and pay a visit to the other pimp's neighborhood and strafe the other pimp's thugs. The more low riders you have the more thugs you can send over. The other pimp's thugs will shoot back, but (in general) not as effectively as your thugs will.

Jack Rides:

When you Jack Rides (steal the other pimp's lowriders), your thugs sneak over to the other pimp's neighborhood and try to steal their low riders. If your thugs aren't quick enough then some of them will get caught and some of the low riders will be returned to the other pimp. Otherwise, they're all yours, baby!

Stealing Hoes:

Stealing hoes is tricky but can be very rewarding. The way you steal hoes is by sending crack over to them to tempt them away from their current pimp. Here's how it works:
  • You can only steal "unprotected" hoes.
  • Each thug can "protect" 4 hoes.
  • This means that if the other pimp has 1000 thugs and 5000 hoes, only 1000 of the hoes are available to be stolen.
  • You need to send a lot of crack to make this attack work, otherwise you won't get any hoes at all.
To figure out how much crack to send, divide the target pimp's stash of crack rocks by the number of stealable hoes and multiply by 5. For example, if there are 1000 hoes available to be stolen and the target pimp has 50,000 crack rocks, you ll need to send 250 crack rocks for each hoe you want to steal (50000 / 1000 * 5).

Police Activity

The Police Activity Level display tells you how active or vigilant the police are at the moment. The more active they are the more likely they are to try and bust your thugs and hoes. Any of your thugs or hoes that get arrested are lost to you. If the Police Activity Level is low, your chance of getting caught is pretty slim.

You won't come to the attention of the police until you have at least 90000 thugs, no matter what you do or how often. Above that number you may start to run across the police as your thugs go about their business (making crack, mugging people, etc).

When the police bust your hoes or thugs, there's a chance that you may also get caught up in the bust. If this happens you'll be put in Jail for a short time, during which you won't be able to go scouting or commit any other crimes.

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