Useful Scripts for Webmasters

JetScripts Sanitizer Demo

This test page shows the action of the JetScripts Data Sanitizer. Paste your 'dirty' HTML and Javascript into the top text field and press the Submit Data button. The disinfected text will appear in the bottom text area. Here are a few sample strings to play with, but feel free to try your own as well:

<script type="text/javascript">alert('Evil Hacker');</script>
<img src=">
<A HREF="">XSS</A>
<SCRIPT "a='>'" SRC=""></SCRIPT>
Select a mode to test with:
Enter your test data into the text area above, then click 'Submit Data'.

Cleaned and filtered data will appear here: Think you see brackets like '<' and '>'? Do a 'View Source' and you'll see that they've actually been transformed into HTML entities (&lt; and &gt;).
And the HTML result:

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