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JetScripts Lexi-Quest Game

JetScript's Lexi-Quest is a simple game where you pick the definition of a given word. It gives give you a word and four possible definitions. Only one of the definitions is the real one, of course, and your job is to guess which one it is. Some of them are pathetically easy, some are a little tricky, and some are so obscure that Noah Webster himself probably wouldn't know them. A lot people seem to love this game- we've seen people play 50 or more rounds at a time. Webmasters like it because it delivers a new set of ad impressions each time someone guesses a definition, and that adds up quickly.

  • Easy and fun to play, no rules to learn- just jump in and start playing!
  • Header and footer are easily modified to fit your site's look and feel.
  • Over 180,000 words and definitions- you'll almost never see the same word twice.
  • Includes an installation wizard so no hand-editing of configuration files is required.
  • Easily add banners to the page to generate loads of ad impressions during play.
  • Minimal installation requirements:
    • PHP 4.1 or greater
    • mySQL 3.23 or greater
    • Works with PHP register_globals() on or off

Demo - Try it here:


Question #1

What is a definition for: Earthfork ?

Score: out of 0, Percentage: 0 %


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