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JetScripts GeoTool: Geo-Location Manager & Blocker

The JetScripts GeoTool is a geo-location detector and, optionally, a geo-location blocker. It uses a list of over 90,000 IP address ranges to determine what country site visitors come from. If country-blocking is enabled, visitors from blocked countries can be shown a configurable message and/or redirected to a specific page or domain. Or they can be booted right off your site- the choice is yours.

What is it used for?

The GeoTool is often used to disallow spambots or prevent foreign visitors (spammers) from accessing your site (either all of your site or just part of your site). For example, the people at this Divorce & Custody site run a forum specifically for US and Canadian users. Spammers from other countries (China, India, Russia, etc) were registering daily in order to leave spam links for pills, pornography, fake watches, and other spammy content. By using the JetScripts GeoTool to block their forum registration page from other countries the DeltaBravo site has been able to effectively stop over 99% of these bogus registration attempts. Spam on their forum has decreased to virtually nothing and their database is no longer filled with fake users. It can do the same for you!

Localization for visitors

The GeoTool can also be used to detect a visitor's county for purposes of localization (displaying the correct language for them) or to direct them to a page that's specific to their country (geographic data, order forms, or specially tailored content). Users don't have to search for their country in a list, instead they can be sent directly to the appropriate page for their location.

  • Displays visitor IP address, country, and the country flag.
  • Works on bulletin boards, order forms, contact forms, signup pages, etc. Any page or form can be protected.
  • The GeoTool works silently in the background- it has no effect on regular visitors; in fact, they never even know it's there.
  • Comes preconfigured with 235 country regions.
  • Each country can have its own specific page for visitors to be directed to.
  • Over 90,000 IP address ranges listed for complete global coverage.
  • Can be configured for silent action or notification.
  • Allowing or disallowing specific countries is quick and easy.
  • Includes an installation wizard so no hand-editing of configuration files is required.
  • Minimal installation requirements:
    • PHP 4.1 or greater
    • mySQL 3.23 or greater
    • Works with PHP register_globals() on or off


This is some sample output from the GeoTool:

To view the GeoTool Admin Panel, click here. (Login with demo/demo)

When a visitor comes from a blocked country they are shown a brief message and then (optionally) forwarded to a page of your choosing.

Click the thumbnails for larger images, or visit the demo to try it out. (Use demo/demo to login)

"This thing (the GeoTool) has made a difference for us like you wouldn't believe. We used to get dozens and dozens of bogus signups from spammers every single week, but your script stopped them cold. Your script is worth its weight in gold!" - Webmaster,

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