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JetScripts AdMax Banner Manager

The JetScripts AdMax Banner Manager is an easy-to-use ad serving system for both large and small sites. The interface is clean and easy to understand so you can add your banners and begin displaying ads in minutes. The JetScripts Banner Manager scales well under heavy traffic, and is in use on sites which serve millions of ad impressions per day (see below).

  • Allows serving of rich-text ads (Google, Valueclick, etc), image-based ads, and plain text or HTML ads.
  • Banners can be configured to any size to accommodate both standard and custom ad formats.
  • Banners can be set to run until a specific date or impression limit has been reached, or in an unlimited mode with no date or impression limit (run forever).
  • Banners can be "weighted" so that certain banners appear more often than others.
  • Straightforward statistical summaries by banner and ad group.
  • Statistics for banner counts, clicks, and impressions can be reset whenever desired.
  • Sortable banner summary table to help track high- and low-activity banners.
  • Secure login control panel allows easy control of banners, groups, limits, etc.
  • Easily toggle banner(s) on or off as needed..
  • Preview mode displays each banner in a formatted window, properly sized.
  • Includes an installation wizard so no hand-editing of configuration files is required.
  • Counts click-throughs on most banner types.*
  • Comes pre-configured with standard banner sizes (leaderboards, skyscrapers, cubes, buttons, etc).
  • Capable of serving millions of impressions per day, limited only by server specifications.
  • Adding additional groups or banner sizes is quick and easy.
  • Minimal installation requirements:
    • PHP 4.1 or greater
    • mySQL 3.23 or greater
    • Works with PHP register_globals() on or off


You can view and use a full demo of the banner manager here.

Click the thumbnails for larger images, or visit the demo to try it out. (Use demo/demo to login)

Sites using the JetScripts Banner Manager:

* Due to the way some banners are served and/or generated, click-counting is not possible on all banner types. Some (but not all) Flash-based banners may prevent click-counting, and some Google banners may not register clicks. This is a limitation of virtually all ad banner serving scripts.

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