Useful Scripts for Webmasters

JetScripts: Useful Scripts for Webmasters

JetScripts offers useful scripts for webmasters and site owners that can make you money, protect your site, and entertain your visitors so they come back again and again. Our scripts are written to be secure, fast, and functional. They're also full-featured and affordably priced. Take a look- we think you'll like what you see.

JetScript's AdMax Banner Manager
Feature-filled banner manager with groups, ad-weighting, impression and date limiting, click counting, etc. Serves text ads, HTML, Flash, and image-based banners. Our most popular script.
JetScript's Geo-Location manager & blocker
Direct users to country-specific pages and/or block visitors, spammers, and bots from unwanted countries. Highly configurable, lots of options, and covers over 230 countries around the world.
JetScript's Data Sanitizer / XSS Cleaner
Prevent users, spammers, or bots from entering unsafe, dangerous, or malicious data into your vulnerable web forms. Thoroughly screens and cleans data, preventing hacks and exploits. A must-have tool for any web-based project.
Text CAPTCHA System
Easy-to-use text-based CAPTCHA system that's much friendlier than the typical "distorted" graphical CAPTCHA systems and requires no image libraries, database, or other modules to work.
JetScript's Ultimate Thug Game
This is the one you want! Our Ultimate Thug Game script has it all- pimps, gangs, cops, hoes, guns, drugs, messaging, ranks, different cities, and much, much more! Your users will LOVE this script! Powerful enough to run an entire site as a complete Pimp or Mafia style game.
JetScript's LexiQuest Game
A fun dictionary-based game that will keep your visitors clicking away and coming back again and again. LexiQuest comes with over 180,000 words to pit your vocabulary against!
JetScript's ScrambleGram!
ScrambleGram is an addictive little word-scramble and brain-teaser type game that will entertain users on your site. People seem to love this game and we aren't really sure why.

JetScripts software is not encrypted, encoded, or copy-protected. We don't use restrictive licenses or require you to install software locks in order to use our scripts. Our code is open and unobfuscated so you can modify it if you want or need to. As long-time script buyers and users ourselves, we feel that when you buy something it should be yours to do with as you want, and that includes adding or modifying it as you see fit. In return, we ask that you don't pirate, re-sell, or redistribute our code.

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